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Home Profile Aims
  • To accomplish a holistic education in economy and management that is responsive to the dynamics of knowledge and technology and to form a synergy with traditional virtues in order to support the development of a democratic civil society.
  • To discover, develop, and spread knowledge and technology in the field of economy and management through a participative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach leading to a more profound mutual understanding of the dialectic social and ecological system in various levels and environments in order to achieve competitive superiority.
  • To create a management system and higher-education institution of economy and management that are able to turn-out high-quality human resources (competent, have high integrity and broad views) as adept actors and an asset in the continuous economic development and the improvement of human welfare.

Faculty of Economics and Management IPB, Jl. Agatis, Center Wing 2nd Floor, IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor - West Java - Indonesia 16680
Phone/Fax: +62 251-8626520 / 8626631 E-mail: fem@apps.ipb.ac.id
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