AJEMA Vol.1 No.2

AJEMA v1n2 cover

ASEAN Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting
Volume 1 Number 2 December 2013

Hong Kong’s Accession to ACFTA: Will it Benefits ASEAN?
Jamal Othman

Analysis of Portfolio Optimization With and Without Shortselling Based
On Diagonal Model: Evidence From Indonesian Stock Market
Kaleem Saleem, Abdul Kohar Irwanto and Endar Hasafah

Analysis of Response Policy for Import Surges on Horticulture
Commodities in Indonesia
Hadiwiyono, Muhammad Firdaus and Lukytawati Anggraeni

An evaluation on the use of ERP system in a tertiary education
institution in Australia: lessons learned
Petrus A. Usmanij, Mei-Tai Chu and Rajiv Khosla

Determinants of Indonesian shallot growers’ bargaining power in the
agrifood transformation era
Bagus Wicaksena and Sahara

Determinant Factors of Vegetable Farm Productivity in Pangalengan,
West Java, Indonesia
Dwi Rachmina, Arief Daryanto, Mangara Tambunan and Dedi
Budiman Hakim