AGB – Burhanuddin


Department: Lecturer
Bogor Agricultural University

Office: Faculty of Economics and Management Bogor Agricultural University Jl. Kamper, Kampus IPB Darmaga-Bogor – West Java 16680
Phone/Fax: +62 251-8626602 / 8626631
Email: burhan<at>

Currently: in Bogor



  • Livestock Policy,
  • Introduction to Management,
  • Introduction to Business,
  • Business International,
  • Business Leadership,
  • Business Information System,
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship.


  • M.M. Magister Management Agribusiness,  Bogor Agricultural University, (1997)
  • Ir.(B.Sc equivalent) Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia (1992)


  • Community Satisfaction Index (CSI) City of Bogor: District and Village (2008)
  • Handling Coordination of Economic Impact of Avian Flu Outbreak (2007)
  • Analysis and Mapping Marketing and Livestock Production in Riau Province (2007)
  • National dairy Agribusiness Review (2007)
  • Community Satisfaction Index (CSI) City of Bogor: IMB services, ID card, Health, and Water (2007)
  • Design Development of Agribusiness Dairy Cattle South Bandung in West Java (2006)
  • Grand Strategy for Development of Goat-Sheep (2006)
  • Assessment Against Public Opinion Research and Development of Agriculture (2006)
  • Assessment Activities In Implementing The School Readiness Level Of The Education Curriculum (KTSP) (2006)
  • Prototype Formulation of Local Regulation of Financial Management (2006)
  • Masterplan Development of Livestock Husbandry (2006)
  • Fostering self-reliance Joint Business Group (KUB) in the Village Development Programme Patronage (2005)
  • Evaluate success of BDS as Consultant Role In SME Development Center (2004)
  • Preparation of community development models: the decentralization of development in the district based cianjur(2004)
  • Integrated regional planning through community participation in the nine islands, south Sulawesi (2003)
  • Environment Arrangement at Nine Island Sea Area of South Sulawesi (2003)
  • Package of Assessment of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) for Empowerment of Small Farmers(2002)
  • Design of Horticultural Agribusiness Development (2002)
  • Socio-Economic Studies on RR-Corn in Indonesia (2002)
  • Evaluation of Publication and Broadcasting System (2002)
  • Cattle Beef Development (Special Program in South Sumatera) (2002)
  • Husbandry Area Model Development Formulation (2000)
  • Identification of Study Club Model Agribusiness (2000)
  • Ecosystem Corrected Planning with community Participatory at Sembilan Island, South Sulawesi (2001)
  • Formulation of Community Development Model: Area Development Base in Decentralization of Cianjur District(2001)
  • Environment Arrangement Sea Area at Sembilan Island of South Sulawesi (2001)
  • Arrangement of Agroindustry Map (1999)
  • Central Production Regional of Aceh Province (1999)
  • Import Substitution Analysis of Husbandry Product (1999)
  • A Training Need Assessment for the Transmigrants (1998)
  • Supporting the Establishment of Rural Financial Institution to Enhance Hill-slope Upland Farming and Business System (Stage 3) (1998)
  • Operational Strategy and General Policy of Agriculture Development of Industry Civilization on REPELITA VII.(1997)
  • Cooperative Model of Empowering the Group of Public Farm Management of Broiler in Indramayu, Majalengka and Kuningan (1997)
  • Formulation of Agriculture Commodity Distribution Map (1997)
  • Supporting the Establishment of Rural Financial Institution to Enhance Hill-slope Upland Farming and Business System (Stage 2) (1997)
  • Supporting the Establishment of Rural Financial Institution to Enhance Hill-slope Upland Farming and Business System (Stage 1) (1996)
  • Monitoring the Content of Media in Entrepreneurship Development (1996)
  • Agribusiness Information Development System. (1995)
  • Analysis of Broiler and DOC Business in West Java and DKI Jakarta (1995)
  • Study in Supporting Constitution and Cooperative Development Perception. (1994)
  • CRS Livestock Credit Project Evaluation. (1993)
  • Integrated Transmigration Regional Area Development and Development Model Activity and Development Center (DC) Evaluation. (1993)
  • Relationship between Farmer Participation and Farmer Social Stratification in the Communication Network in Four District in Majalengka West, Java. (1992)
  • Study in Role of Communication Media in Adoption of  Broiler Intensification Innovative in West Java (1992)
  • Study in Lacking Factors of Small Ruminant Production system Development in West Java. (1991)
  • Identification of Social Economy Factors of Cattle Beef Productivity in Cariu and Jonggol, Bogor (1991)
  • Inserting Agriculture Information in Radio Entertainment Show in Citanduy, West Java. (1988)


  • Follow up Tailor Made Training ”Practical Base Teaching”, IPB Bogor (2009)
  • Tailor Made Training ”Marketing Services”, Maastricht Netherland dan Witsenhauzen Germany (2009)
  • Building a Successful At Work Full Time Through Transformation Mindset And Behavior, at Ciloto (2008)
  • Entrepreneurial Training, Computer Applications and Cooperatives: “Improving Quality and Independence Needs Based Graduate Labour Market”, Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh (2008)
  • Accompanying the training briefing LM3, Bandung (2006)
  • Workshops and briefing partners Villages Village Community Empowerment Team, Executive Body of Students, IPB (2004)
  • Proposal Preparation Training for Young Lecturer, IPB (2004)
  • Insights Discovery Day, Insights Training and Development Ltd, Jakarta (2004)
  • Short training “Excellent Communication”, IPB and Quality Improvement Project Part of Human Resources, Director General of Higher Education (2003)
  • Training Workshop on Education Quality Assurance System, IPB (2003)
  • “Second Tutor’s Training In Data Management For Rural Development (DMRD) Distance Education Course” in Jakarta, SEARCA and SEAMOLEC (2002)
  • Training Methodology and Management at the University of Indonesia (1998)
  • Marketing Management Instructor Training for Farmers and Traders as well as Cooperative Members in Sukabumi, the National Agribusiness (1997)
  • Instructor in Training Analysis for Agribusiness Financing Bank Negara Indonesia Candidate Analyst 46, in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya (1996)


  • Proposal and Thesis Writing Guide, Department of Agribusiness FEM IPB, (2008)
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  • Chapter: Voice Of Agribusiness Bogor Building Systems, ISBN: 979-95902-6-4 (2001)
  • Proceeding: Challenge and Prospect Paper and Pulp Agribusiness Development in Eco-labeling autonomy Region (2002)
  • Book: Social Economic Research. Proposal and Report (2002)
  • Book: Entrepreneurship and Small Skill Business in Agribusiness System (1999)
  • Article: Financial Institution Commitment in Agribusiness (Bisnis dan Manajemen) (1997)
  • Fermentation, a Biotechnology Alternative in Increasing Feed Quality Poultry Indonesia) (1997)
  • Article: Commitment of Financial Institution to Agribusiness (Bisnis dan Manajemen). (1997)
  • Article: Agribusiness Human Resource in Globalization Era (Bisnis Indonesia) (1996)
  • Article: Modern Agribusiness Area in Supporting Region Development (Kompas) (1996)
  • Article: Growing Path in Facing Globalization (Bisnis Indonesia) (1996)
  • Paper: Career Planning (1995)
  • Article: Opportunities and Challenges Facing Free Trade of Small Employers (Suara Pembaruan) (1995)
  • Article: Agribusiness Perspectives in the Era of Industrialization (Suara Pembaruan) (1994)
  • Article: Equitable Agriculture with the spirit of self-reliance (Suara Karya) (1994)
  • Paper: Small Entrepreneur Development Strategy in PJPT II (1994)
  • Article: The Role of Television in Poverty Alleviation(Suara Karya) (1994)


  • Top Authors Writing Competition in the Framework of Agribusiness Master’s Birthday IPB Agribusiness Management, “Agribusiness Indonesia Sustainable Development in an Era of Globalization: between the needs and opportunities”
  • Best Writers Cooperative Scientific Writing Contest, 1994, “Development Strategy for Small Employers in Long-Term Development Phase II”.


  • Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economic (ISAE – PERHEPI) (2011)
  • Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) (2007)

Seminary, Symposium, and Panel Discussions

  • Socialization Entrepreneurship Development Program of Higher Education and Technical Information Proposal, DEPDIKNAS – IPB (2004)
  • National Seminar on “Mentoring Against Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Effort Community Empowerment for Poverty Reduction”, Ministry of Agriculture (2003)
  • ISPI Conggress Period 2002-2006 “Empowerment in Development of Animal Husbandry Bachelor Based Regions in the Era of decentralization”, ISPI (2003)
  • Interactive Dialogue “Empowerment Bachelor of Animal Husbandry building in Pemba-Based Regions in the Era of decentralization”, ISPI (2003)
  • National Seminar on “Review of Integrated Livestock applicable Agribusiness Development in Southern West Java”, IPB (2003)
  • Macro Food Policy, MMA Bogor. (2001)
  • National Agribusiness Development Policy, MMA IPB Bogor (2001)
  • Price Fertilizer and Food Need Self, IPB Bogor. (2000)
  • Prospect and Thickness, Development Agribusiness Pulp and Paper for Local autonomy and Eco-labeling (2000)
  • Are theoretical Basic and Empirical Evidence Corporate Farming Concept? (2000)
  • Agribusiness and Agropolitan Development, Instrument Support. Hilton, Jakarta. (1999)
  • Platform Parties about Agribusiness by Economic Development Paradigm. Le Meredien, Jakarta. (1998)
  • Workshop “NGO-University Linkages”.  Pangrango, Bogor. (1997)
  • Commodity Market Development from Kanmon Commodity Exchange, Jepang. Hilton, Jakarta. (1997)
  • Bird Husbandry Development. APPI, Bogor. (1997)
  • Rural Economic Development. IPB, Bogor (1997)
  • Agribusiness Bank: in Need and Feasibility.  Biotrop, Bogor. (1997)
  • Agribusiness by Road to Empowering of Economic Community.  Shangrila, Jakarta. (1997)
  • Agribusiness in 2003.  IPB, Bogor. (1995)
  • Ministry of Agriculture Affairs Oration, “50 Years of Building a Modern Agriculture: Reflections, Challenges and Prospects”. IPB, Bogor (1995)
  • Trade Cooperation Rural Development.  IPB, Bogor. (1995)
  • Modern Agriculture in Indonesia Created: Study from Arthur T. Mosher.  IPB, Bogor. (1995)
  • Bangkok Syndrome.  IPB, Bogor. (1994)
  • Cooperative Values ​​in an Era of Globalization. IPB, Bogor. (1994)
  • Opinion AT. Mosher 20 Year later.  IPB, Bogor. (1994)
  • Research Products of IPB 1990/1991.  IPB, Bogor. (1991)

Professional Experience

  • Lecturer at Agribusiness Department, Faculty of Economic and Management, Bogor Agricultural University (Now)
  • Chairman of The Cooperative Efforts of The Village Economy “Entrepreneurs Indonesia” (Now)
  • Managing Director of USESE Foundation (2000-2005)
  • Researcher Staff of Center Development Studies, Bogor Agricultural University (1993-2000)