Rachmi Ramdia N, Ilma Nursafitri J, and Putri Anisa
IPB University students again made achievements. Three students of the Department of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management namely Rachmi Ramdia N, Ilma Nursafitri J, and Putri Anisa won Second Place in the Sharia Economic Olympiad at the Unila Sharia Economic Festival at the end of August. The competition, […]

Lifting the Optimization of Waqf, Three FEM-IPB University Students Wins ...

Novia Ariani, Diah Zulianingrum and Erina Nuhbatul Laa'li
Three students from the Department of Sharia Economics, Faculty of Management Economics (FEM) IPB University won First Place at the National Sharia Economic Olympiad held in Semarang last August. The competition, which was held by the Islamic Economics Study Group (KSEI), Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University, was attended […]

Three Students of FEM-IPB University won the National Islamic Economics ...