AJEMA Vol.1 No.1&2

AJEMA v2n1&2 cover

ASEAN Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting
Volume 1 Number 1&2 2014

Women produce less carbon? (A study of women in Cianjur agroforestry, West Java)
Dede Tresna Wiyanti

Structural Model of Organic Rice Farming System
Anita Ristianingrum, M.A. Chozin, Sugiyanta, Machfud, Sri Mulatsih

The Effect of Application of Indonesia National Standard on Cocoa Industry and Strategy to Face The Asean Economic Community in 2015
Maulina Sendy Oktaviani, Rizal Syarief, Mukhamad Najib

Analyses of Food Price Stabilization in Indonesia
Mohammad Alfie Reza, Muhammad Firdaus, Tanti Novianti

An Application of Pricing Strategy for New Product: Zona of Flexibility Approach
Saad Murdy, Panduaji Panditatwa, Monang Simbolon

The Effect of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Export Tax on Export and Prices
Amzul Rifin

AJEMA Vol.1 No.2

AJEMA v1n2 cover

ASEAN Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting
Volume 1 Number 2 December 2013

Hong Kong’s Accession to ACFTA: Will it Benefits ASEAN?
Jamal Othman

Analysis of Portfolio Optimization With and Without Shortselling Based
On Diagonal Model: Evidence From Indonesian Stock Market
Kaleem Saleem, Abdul Kohar Irwanto and Endar Hasafah

Analysis of Response Policy for Import Surges on Horticulture
Commodities in Indonesia
Hadiwiyono, Muhammad Firdaus and Lukytawati Anggraeni

An evaluation on the use of ERP system in a tertiary education
institution in Australia: lessons learned
Petrus A. Usmanij, Mei-Tai Chu and Rajiv Khosla

Determinants of Indonesian shallot growers’ bargaining power in the
agrifood transformation era
Bagus Wicaksena and Sahara

Determinant Factors of Vegetable Farm Productivity in Pangalengan,
West Java, Indonesia
Dwi Rachmina, Arief Daryanto, Mangara Tambunan and Dedi
Budiman Hakim

AJEMA Vol.1 No.1

ASEAN Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting
Volume 1 Number 1 June 2013

Are There Policy Lessons From The So-Called Southeast Asian Model?
Noelle Rodriguez and Anis Chowdhury

Does the J-Curve Phenomenon Exist in The Indonesia’s Bilateral Trade
Balances With Major Trading Countries?
Hapsari Adiningsih, Hermanto Siregar and Heni Hasanah

The Feasibility of Asean+6 Single Currency: A Vector Error Correction
Noer Azam Achsani, Hari Wijayanto, Erfira Sefitri and Dina Lianita

Why Indonesia Needs a More Innovative Industrial Policy
Wim Naudé

Does A Rising Tide Lift All Boats? The Case of Vertical Strategic
Alliances Involving Housewives Groups in Northern Thailand
Renato Villano, Phanin Khrueathai and Euan Fleming

On the Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Indonesian
Agricultural Export Commodities
Bustanul Arifin

Internal Sources of Competitiveness in Small and Medium Indonesian
Food Processing Companies
Mukhamad Najib

The Perception of Tax Payers on Tax Knowledge and Tax Education
with Level of Tax Compliance: A Study the Influences of Religiosity
Mohd Rizal Palil, Mohd Rusyidi Md Akir and Wan Fadillah Bin Wan