Department of Management

Vision :
Becoming a reputable academic institution which has a high competence in management science which includes marketing, finance, operations/production, and human resources who are able to think comprehensively, do quantitative and qualitative analyses and have entrepreneurial spirits.
Mission :
  • To develop human resources who have good communication, computation, and entrepreneurial skills in management science education and services corresponding to the community needs.
  • To develop management science based on technical, economic, social, psychological, and systemic competence.
  • To develop the department through scientific and professional management ethics and discipline by conducting research and community services.
Strengths :
Able to apply management science in the fields of finance, marketing, human resources, production, and operations.
Objectives :

To carry out a responsive economic education system to the dynamics of science and technology in a holistic view, as well as it’s synergy with traditional wisdom to support a democratic development of civil society:

  • To attain, develop and extend economic science and technology through a participative inter and multi discipline approach towards a profound mutual understanding of a dialectic social and ecological system at different levels and environments in order to accomplish competitive advantage.
  • To transfer global knowledge to its graduates in order to be able to analyze the latest and forthcoming economic progress both theoretically and applicably according to his/her specialty in economics.

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(Master program)
(Doctoral program)
Management Management Science
Management (Transfer Program)

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