Occupation Range

The average waiting period for job seekers is three months. The occupation range for FEM-IPB graduates/alumni includes various jobs in the fields of Economics, Management, Resource and Environmental Economics, Sharia Economics i.e.:

  1. Enterpreneurs in various fields both in agribusiness and non-agribusiness
  2. Government institutions (BAPPENAS, BI, the Department of Finance, the Department of Trade, the Department of Industries, Setneg, Bulog, etc.).
  3. Public banking (BRI, BNI, Bank Mandiri, BCA, Permata, NISP, Danamon, etc.).
  4. Sharia banking and insurance (BMI, BSM, BNI Syariah, BRI Syariah, Takaful, etc).
  5. International institutions (World Bank, UNSFIR, ASEAN, etc.).
  6. Educational institutions (lecturers, secondary school teachers, etc.).
  7. Research institutions, private consultants, newspapers and electronic media, etc.