As a pioneer in the policy of accepting under-graduate students through the Invitation system, most of the students are accepted in IPB (and also FEM) through an Invitation to the IPB Selection Process (USMI, 70%) and the rest are accepted through National Selection Process (SNMPTN), Regional Delegate Scholarship (BUD), Independent Talent Test (UTM) IPB, and national/international achievement system. Starting from 2011, most IPB students are selected through the National Selection Process (Invitation and Written Test systems, 83%) and the rest from BUD, UTM and the achievement system.
In 2010, the students registered in FEM IPB were:

• The Regular Under-graduate Program : 1,528 students
• Evening Classes Programs : 680 students
• Post-graduate : 549 students
Total : 2,757 students

The number students interested in continuing their studies in FEM is relatively large and continues to grow from year to year. However, due to the relatively limited number of lecturers, the capacity is also limited. Therefore, the ratio between applicants and accepted students also keeps growing. The approximate ratio between applicants and the accepted is 5.1:1.