Lecturers – Management

Department of Management

There are 132 lecturers in the Faculty of Economics and Management, 42.86 percent of them have doctoral degrees from both local and overseas universities. Fifty-three point three nine percent have master degrees and 3.76 have a bachelor degree. Most of the lecturers with a master or bachelor degree are in the middle of their education to obtain their doctoral or master degree in both local and overseas universities, majoring in relevant studies in order to support their respective department’s mandate in the Faculty of Economics and Management. Based on their positions, there are 11 professors and 7 emeritus professors, 27 associate professors, 29 senior lecturers, 36 lecturers, 23 assistants.

Mukhamad Najib

Full Name
1 Abdul Basith Ir. MS
2 Abdul Khohar Irwanto Dr.Ir. M.Sc
3 Ali Mutasowifin SE
4 Alim Setiawan Slamet S.TP, M.Si
5 Anggraini Sukmawati Dr.Ir. MM
6 Arif Imam Suroso Dr.Ir. M.Sc
7 Budi Purwanto Ir. M.E.
8 Edward Halomoan Siregar Drs. SE, MM
9 Eko Ruddy Cahyadi S.Hut., M.M.
10 Erlin Trisyulianti S.TP, M.Si
11 Farida Ratna Dewi S.E.
12 Heti Mulyati S.TP., M.T.
13 Jono Mintarto Munandar Dr.Ir. M.Sc
14 Lindawati Kartika SE, M.Si
15 Ma’mun Dr.Ir. MS, M.Ec
16 Mimin Aminah Ir. MM
17 Muhammad Arif Darmawan S.TP, M.T
18 Muhammad Sjamsun Dr.Ir. M.Sc
19 Mukhamad Najib Dr. S.TP., M.M.
20 Musa Hubeis Prof.Dr.Ir. Dipl.Ing,DEA
21 Pramono Djoko Fewidarto Ir. MS
22 Siti Rahmawati Dra. M.Pd
23 Wita Juwita Ermawati S.TP, MM