AGB – Nunung Kusnadi

Nunung KusnadiNunung Kusnadi

Department : Head of Agribusiness Department
Bogor Agricultural University

Office: Agribusiness Department Faculty of Economics and Management Bogor Agricultural University Jl. Kamper, W4L5 Kampus IPB Darmaga-Bogor – West Java 16680
Phone/Fax: +62 251-8626520

Currently: in Bogor



  • Doctor of Agricultural Economics (Dr) Post Graduate School, Bogor Agricultural University (2005)
  • Master of Agricultural Economics, Bogor Agricultural University (1994)
  • Bachelor  of Agribusiness, Bogor Agricultural University Bogor (1987)


  • Economic of  Farm Business Management I (Graduate class)
  • Method of Social Economics Statistic (Graduate)
  • Quantitative Method in Management (Graduate and Undergraduate class)
  • Farm Business Management (Undergraduate class)
  • Introduction to Operation Research (Undergraduate class)
  • Research Method and Scientific Writing (Undergraduate class)
  • Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate class)


  • Analysis of Food Agribusiness Production, Marketing and Financing Policy (2005)
  • Analysis of Rural Agribusiness Development in Anticipating Decentralisation Policy (2002)
  • Agribusiness Research and Development in Subang District
  • Economic Empowerment of Farmer Society through Accelerating Cooperatives in Non-food Processing Agribusiness (1998-1999)
  • Analysis of Small Business Institution and Financing Resources (1998)
  • Development of KUD Networking in West Java Province (1997-1998)
  • Action Research of KUD Development and Rural Agribusiness in West Java province (1996-1997)
  • Demand for Corn, Cassava and Soybean in Human Consumption.  A Case Study on Java, Indonesia (1989)
  • Analysis of Farm Credit Project on water and Soil Conservation in Upper Area of  Citanduy Water Basin Areas (1998)
  • Analysis of Prosperity of Java Population (1986)

Instructor of Training:

  • Improvement of Agribusiness Staff Capacity of Labor and Transmigration Ministry Training (2005)
  • Training of Curriculum and Internal Management Developing in Sriwijaya University (2005)
  • Expert Choice Training in Riau University (1999-2000)
  • Agribusiness Training for Telkom’s Retirement Staff (Subject : Feasibility Study) (1998-2001)
  • PKL Training (Subject : Feasibility Study) conduct by Cooperative and PPK Department (1994)
  • Training for Thresher Farmer Group in Garut (Subject : Feasibility Study) (1994)
  • Cooperative Consultant Training (Subject : Feasibility Study) (1994)
  • Training for sharpening of specialization of Practice Teacher  (Subject : Econometric) (1999-2003)